ONE STEP BEYOND in Wildlife Care

     Dove Key Ranch Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. goes one step beyond standard wildlife rehab protocols to offer our patients the highest quality of care possible! By working with expert veterinarians , we are able to combine the latest innovations of western medicine with the holistically-focused treatments of eastern practice to combat a wide range of injuries and illnesses confronting our wildlife patients. Care for all of the animals residing at D.K.R.W.R. is reinforced by a thorough enrichment program, rigorous adherence to nutritional requirements, and around-the-clock monitoring and provision of any necessary medical treatments and/or feedings. Our close working relationships with other licensed wildlife rehabilitators and centers in Texas enable us to adhere to a quality over quantity philosophy. We focus on each individual in order to meet all of their specific requirements to promote their complete healing and development of physical and mental health.

Advanced innovations in veterinary care

     Whether it be assessing the brain health of a seizure-prone skunk with a MRI scan, experimentally-reconstructing a severely-damaged turtle cloaca, or performing a delicate pin insertion to successfully repair a leg fracture in a young raccoon deemed unfixable by three other wildlife centers, our veterinarians go far above and beyond for all of our patients!  No matter what the species nor what the affliction or ailment is, we seek out the most effective treatment options possible and give every animal “the benefit of the doubt.”

Pin freshly removed from healed femur of a juvenile raccoon.
The little girl completely recovered from her leg fracture and was later released
with her two “adopted brothers.”

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